Flowers, fronds, dried seed pods and the like brighten up any room, and you need something to put them in. 

Pentagon Sectional

Five-Piece Container
Extruded wedge-shaped containers can be arranged pentagonally, or separately. White stoneware with resist brushwork, black slip underglaze and copper matt glaze. 

Rectangular Vase

Rectangular Vase
I'm sure someone has come up with a name to describe this form – I'd love to know what it is, because I use it a lot. Stencil printed black slip under copper matt glaze. 


Turquoise Resist Jars

Set of Small Jars
These could just as easily be used for pens, pencils, and desk tchotchkes as for bunches of small flowers. Carrot and celery sticks for hors d'oeuvres?